C15丨C20丨C25丨C30 concrete material ratio


 C15丨C20丨C25丨C30 concrete material ratio
The concrete material ratio is unfamiliar for new project leader, they do not even know what is C15, C20, C30 etc, and do not know how much sand, stone, cement and water should be used every square concrete. In order to solve the concerns about material ratio, Camelway released the latest concrete material ratio as follows:
Concrete material ratio means the ratio of various components of concrete materials( cement, water, sand, stone). There are two methods to express: one is the amount of various materials in 1 cubic meter concrete mixer, such as cement 300kg, water 180kg, sand 690kg, and the stone 1260kg; and the other is showed by the ratio of a unit mass of cement and various materials, which can be written as : C:S:G=1:2.3:4.2, W/C=0.6.
The material ratio of 1 cubic meter is as follows:
(1) C20
Water:175kg, cement: 343kg, sand:621kg, stone: 1261kg
The ratio is: 0.51:1:1.81:3.68
(2) C25
Water:175kg, cement: 398kg, sand:566kg, stone: 1261kg
The ratio is: 0.44:1:1.42:3.17
(3) C30
Water:175kg, cement: 461kg, sand:512kg, stone: 1252kg
The ratio is: 0.38:1:1.11:2.72
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