The parts of the simple small concrete batching plant


The parts of the simple small concrete batching plant
Whether the simple small concrete batching plant can be built without the weighing system, but only the main equipment?
This is the advice we received from a user who issuing price. Theoretically, build a simple small concrete batching plant only need the main components of the device(concrete mixer, batching machine, cement soil, screw), and it can be produced, but the discharging rate is low, and there are many problems when in the using process.
When in the formal constructions, you are recommended to use a full set of weighing systems, materials weighing system is the key component affecting the quality and cost of concrete. We can choose the different configuration methods of weighing system according to the cement’s productivity. For example, if the needs of cement is 20m3/h, then the aggregate is with a scale, cement and additive with a scale, water and liquid additive were weighed apart, and then put into the water. But if the productivity is 50m3/h, mostly, it weighing one by one of the materials.
So we advice that the small concrete batching plant make good use of weighing system, with different weighing configuration not only reduce the cost, but also promote the quality of concrete, and then achieve the purpose of reduce cost and improve profit. 

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