What problems should inspector pay attention to about concrete batching plant


What problems should inspector pay attention to about concrete batching plant
After the concrete batching plant was set up, the quality of the station is the core of many investors care about, for example, the cement silo, it will lead to collapse or other problems if it was set up unprofessional. But how to test a cement silo is good or not, here is the role of inspector plays. It’s responsible for inspector to discover and solve the problems, If the problems occur, that will cause delays and maintenance costs of the project.Here it is to explain to you some of the inspector’s work.
1.Responsible for the management of the cement soil, supervising the entire process of the cement tank.
2.To ensure effective implementation of national technical standards, quality regulations regarding the cement soil.
3.Participate in the formulation of relevant technical solutions, checking technical implementation , to detect problem and give correct proposal.
4.Check the quality of cement factory warehouse,to ensure that the entering of raw materials, personal operation, equipment operation, program execution and so on to meet the quality requirements of cement silo factory.
The safety of cement soil is very important, and concrete batching plant inspector should fulfill their responsibilities, identify and solve problems actively. As a manufacturer, we must be responsible for our customers and products.

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