The inspection working before the using of concrete mixer


The inspection working before the using of concrete mixer
1.Check the gear box and the lubrication(grease) is good enough.
2.Check the power voltage, rated voltage 380V, which is not allowed below 10% when it is dropping, but not more than 5%, otherwise it will affect the normal operation of the machine.
3.Check the motor and electrical components, wiring is solid, and the motor ground wire to ensure safety, and then turn on the power.
4.Connected the reliability of waterways, checking pumps, throttle valves and water pipe.
5.Check the various parts of the connecting bolts are secure enough, especially the moving parts of the coupling, if loose should be tightened.
6.Check the rope whether arranged neatly on the roll, if loose should be re-wrapped good.
7.Check whether there are foreign objects accumulate in the stirring barrel, hopper and rail racks, if the reservoir should be cleaned.
8.Check whether the hopper lifting is flexible, and brake, limit switch action is sensitive, accurate and reliable. 

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