Some related questions and answers about Concrete mixing machinery


Some related questions and answers about Concrete mixing machinery
Q: How much net area does HZS120 concrete batching plant obtain?
A: If the device uses an L-shaped pattern place the area, its(length & width): 60 meters & 25 meters. If it is a font layout, almost all the same width, but the required length will be longer, generally do not recommend customers to use.
Q: Does suppliers can build the gas station themselves?
A: Many large commercial concrete batching plant, all self-built gas stations, first, it’s convenient vehicle to refuel within the station, second, bulk purchases of diesel, you can save the capital, and the third, to facilitate internal station vehicles. The smalls is no matter. But note that gas stations require certain security measures.
Q: Which is better between JS750 concrete mixer discharge pneumatic and hydraulic discharge?
A: No matter what material JS750 concrete mixer in , the CamelWay was built machine with hydraulic discharge, more power, more stable, and there is no influence when the winter temperatures is below zero.
Q: What about the production of 50 square concrete batching plant per hour? HZS50 concrete batching plant is OK?
A:HZS60, HZS75 concrete batching plant can meet the production requirements. Of course, you can also select a larger model. 

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