Circuit fault repairing in concrete mixer


Circuit fault repairing in concrete mixer
When concrete mixer equipment occurs failure, timely maintenance is an important factor to the productions.
Investigation on the circuit of concrete mixer, the component that you unplug voltage voltmeter, which will register the voltage, if the wire is incomplete assembly, or rather the system voltage, if the line is complete, and you read precise voltage, then the assembly is open.
On the other hand, if the meter reading is 0.00V, it locks in the reading, the correct answer is "ground continuity," which is often used as a short-to-ground representation. This is a specific fault, the voltage meter readings give a specific 0.00V or "real zero voltage." However, some of the technology personnel of concrete mixer circuit , do not understand this reading. If you are testing electrical short circuit to ground, then the two wires at the same potential, meter reading, "zero."
In concrete mixer, a short to ground will result in high risk factor, it may be the damaging current, if the fuse blows it will protect the wire. Whatever you do, do not install a 50-amp fuse panel. If you do, you can record the incident of tire fire.
So during maintenance of concrete mixer circuit, it need the personnel to do comprehensive protection work to ensure the safety, so not only can restore concrete mixer production,but also can protected persons well. 

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