The moisture sensor of concrete batching plant


The moisture sensor of concrete batching plant
Now in the concrete batching plant equipment, the moisture sensors have become more and more important. They can be very helpful in the production process of concrete batching plant to hold a measure of raw water, which not only ensure production quality,but also bring more benefits for concrete batching plant.
In the process of production, if moisture sensor is working properly, its thick front panel of the bed material must have at least 4 inches (10 centimeters), in addition, the material must be known or have constant density. Materials must be hold or be restrict, which is difficult to do with a stagnant bed material dose not move.
During the installation of moisture sensor. First, the channels should through into the center of the chute and the funnel-shaped channel.The second is to establish a flapper valve, the material it alternately hold and release it, and let the fresh samples to be measured. Flapper valve is hinged counterweight arrangements to keep it closed until the slide is completely filled with material, it will be opened to let the material out. This also prevents clogging and accumulation, which may be caused by the bulk material.
In the process of concrete, make sure that the moisture sensor can be used well, and the manufacturer will provide detailed installation, the user can read for using. 

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