The using details of electrical concrete mixer in run-in period


The using details of electrical concrete mixer in run-in period
When a concrete mixer through the good run-in period, it can be very good for production. However, If you want to make sure that the concrete can be well produced during using and less frequency of failure, then, it requires special attention in the process of run-in period.
There is a electric concrete mixer’s installation after run-in period. So after using electric concrete mixer properly installed, ensure abnormal running and reduce the failure rate is very important. How to install properly after using an electric concrete mixer? Only after the installation of electric concrete mixer correctly and then can extend its life, and bring a good profit. Wear speed, poor lubrication, loosening, leaks and incorrect operation are common problems in the run-in period.
To reduce these problems, and the recessive impact of electric concrete mixer, concrete mixing users should avoid over-exertion and overheating performance. In addition, users also need to check the electric concrete mixer and adjust timely, and tighten each part of the loose parts. Maintaining electric concrete mixer clean. Lubricate all lubrication points before using the electric concrete mixer.
Only in this way can ensure a better run-in period and the electric concrete mixer can be well used. 

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