The skidding presentation about concrete mixer


The skidding presentation about concrete mixer
When the concrete mixer in use, if there is fog or rain, will slip phenomenon. So, when this happens the concrete mixer, what should be repaired or how to stop the occurrence of such a situation?
Concrete mixer gear with simple and reasonable structure . When engaged gear and a balance ring, which can be overcome slippage concrete mixer wheel ride and meet when fog. Transmission mechanism can further remove the roller and the drum slippage. Use the time to begin production of concrete mixer, in order to ensure the quality of the concrete mix should be balanced mixing, mixing time is short, discharge speed is fast, leaving less material, low energy consumption, low pollution.
The main factors affecting the quality of the concrete mixers: concrete mixer structure, charge fluence rate and drum volume mixture of materials, the charging procedure and location, configuration and geometry of the stirring blades, stirring speed and blade plate in wearing conditions.
So when in use for the production of concrete mixer, with particular attention to the extent of the problem as well as the blades wear each gear, when the occurrence of these problems, you should shutdown timely for maintenance, so as to ensure concrete mixer to be used well. 

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