The difference between semi-automatic and fully automatic concrete mixer


The difference between semi-automatic and fully automatic concrete mixer
Now there are generally two types of concrete mixer, semi-automatic and fully automatic. In the selection of concrete mixer, many customers will think that automatic concrete mixer will be better. Is it really? Let's learn more about this.
The rate of concrete mixer is same, the only difference is that the concrete batching plant’s work is different. Fully automated system only by the control system, users click on the buttons simply, the material is automatically unloaded into the cement silo screw conveyor. Then, the material is supplied to the hopper by the screw conveyor. The entire production process just need simply click the operation buttons. It is very easy to use for those concrete batching plant, there are a few staff is OK.
But the control system of concrete batching plant, is not very simple. Operational Control System need to be operated step by step. As the feed of concrete, click "feed" button, then concrete will be automatically delivered to the metering hopper. Then click another button discharge, discharged into the concrete mixer drum. Centralized control system needs more people to participate.
Semi-automatic concrete batching plant and the fully automatic, the equipment is the same, and the main difference is that the automatic control system is automatic concrete mixer, and semi-automatic control system with centralized control system.
So when you understand the essential difference between automatic and semi-automatic, you can select easily, and which is more suitable for using about the concrete batching plant. 

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