Performance introduction of efficient concrete batching plant


Performance introduction of efficient concrete batching plant
Efficient performance of concrete batching plant: Lubrication system, the system consists of a central control system, the lubrication of lubrication points in a fixed position, fixed time and fixed quantity. Deceleration system uses high-speed, synchronous, and a closed planetary gear.
Concrete batching plant’s paddle, arms and blades are made of special high-chromium high manganese alloy materials. Impeller wear saves time and cost, and at the same time, improves the durability and reliability of the machine.
Concrete batching plant using the twin-shaft compulsory mixer,with a strong ability to mix and high yield. Admixtures widely mixed. Stirring shaft adapt anti-binding technology to prevent the cement binding the axis.
So we can see that each device configuration and efficient concrete batching plant are also have efficient performance,only in this way can ensure the efficient performance of concrete batching plant. 

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