The circuit maintenance of concrete mixer


The circuit maintenance of concrete mixer
When the concrete mixer encountered electrical problems, you have to ask a professional service personnel for repairing. To achieve these goals is not difficult (or impossible).
First, the basic, technical staff must have a detailed understanding of how to read electrical schematics and the method of work and discipline voltmeter. Experience tells us that these are absolutely crucial skills.
But equally important is the thought process of technical personnel. Concrete mixer circuit electrical fault exclusion, is a logical task that requires logical thinking.As a concrete mixer circuit troubleshooting, you must keep track of time, No doubt, most of the technical staff at work on a misplaced sense of time, electrical problems. Someone wastes twenty-three hours walking to replace parts (some do not know if there is a fault in the unit), pull the wire harness open, view in the end where there is a serious problem, and eliminate the problem timely and restore normal production of concrete mixer.

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