Sensors presentation of concrete mixer


Sensors presentation of concrete mixer
Each sensor will be installed on concrete mixers for better production, but with the development of technology, a new type of sensor has been used on many concrete mixer device.
Concrete mixer sensors and digital sensor applications on the mixer device. The new concrete mixer sensor probe has been redesigned from the ground up, digital signal processing, allows direct connection to a water / humidity controller. Previously, the sensor requires special software to filter before the signal can be used to measure the moisture accurately.
But the development of technology now makes this particular software has been added to the electronic sensors and digital interfaces for your choice of digital or analog moisture signal. In addition, a special "terminal emulation program" menu, allowing you to remotely or locally from a computer using an RS232 or RS485 interface and procedures, such as super terminal emulator software, and provide reading moisture values, set up and calibrate the sensor.
So for the new concrete mixer sensor, in the course of a good performance, because the new concrete mixer device can be a good help to grasp the extent of the concrete mixer moisture of raw materials, help to complete the production of concrete mixer better. 

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