The introduction of drum life


The introduction of drum life
Concrete mixer drum life is an important maintenance costs in the industry, in order to increase the life / load through the carbon fiber drum faucet, but cost is increased.
Traditional concrete mixer drum the thick is 3/16 " steel plate AR-200 in the new concrete mixer, using a new method, by applying in the drum is formed with the detailed results of full scale on the iron-based wire arc coating of glass drum over a year-long field test.
Highly wear-resistant wire arc coating not only extends the life of the photosensitive drum, it is enabled to reduce the weight, relative to the drum by being able to use thinner gauge material AR-200 board. The results of the field test showed how new and different coating drum can be increased payload, and can double the retention time.
Deal with the problems on a number of concrete mixers and square uneven mixing spiral blade spiral blade discharge slowly, produced a new method is proposed based on the principle of mixing tube spiral blade on differentiation, we deduced the logarithmic spiral and helical square. Combined with the actual demand, a new and different drum helical mixing blade was designed.
Compared with traditional concrete mixer spiral blades, new spiral helix lead angle becomes small, within a certain range. Changes in the diameter range of pitch and the tapered portion is more reasonable, and has established a new mathematical model for mixing drum. 

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