The mixing capability analysis about concrete mixers


The mixing capability analysis about concrete mixers
In the use of concrete mixer, most of users are most concerned about is about concrete mixer’s mixing capabilities. Because the stirring capabilities of the device directly determines the efficiency of production, if mixing capacity is not good enough, it will directly affect productivity, thus affecting the progress of the project, in this case, the user is no way to get better returns.
In the early use of concrete mixer, there will be more than about two-thirds of the direct involvement of the mixed water, appropriate to postpone the remainder of the total amount involved in the mixer section of the plasticizer.Stirring speed mixing time with higher compulsory mixer stirred fresh during the same test specific functions can be a greater degree of locking. Followed by stirring intensity forward to improve the degree of certainty active function, then it does not detect further improvements. Therefore, when the mixing blade forced mixer at a higher speed, the task of reducing the stirring time is certainly possible.
This reminds the user when selecting concrete mixers, careful study and analysis for the concrete mixer’s mixing capability , the in only way can choose the agitation ability satisfactory equipment, so it can make the performance of concrete mixer maximized, thereby bringing more economic benefits. 

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