Proper maintenance and use of concrete mixer


Proper maintenance and use of concrete mixer
Concrete mixer is an important building equipment. It is possible to extend the life of concrete mixer, if the user to operate and maintain the concrete mixer correctly and carefully.
Concrete mixer is the ideal machine ordinary building site, road, bridge engineering, precast concrete factory. Here are some instructions and cautions in the maintenance process.
Concrete mixers Instructions: Before you begin preparatory work: Users should check whether the bolt in the mixing bucket is loose. Check if the gear oil is lacking of adequate and blade loose. The viewing angle is correct, and wires are leakage or not.
Concrete mixer start: users should remove all materials, and ensure that keep mixing drum empty before start. Then turn on the power and start concrete mixer, listen whether there is abnormal sound. Feed materials in strict accordance with the provisions of Close: Users can turn off the concrete mixer until the mixture is completely discharged in concrete barrel. After the collapse of the concrete mixer, users should clean up debris in the mixing tube.
The precautions during maintenance : machinery and equipment. Horizontal mixer, screw feeder, concrete mixer, beat flour, horizontal / vertical mixing machine, feeding machine, dryer, plastic sheet crusher, conveyor belt, Static Control Products: anti-static turnover vehicles, anti-static board / transmit frame and anti-static worksheet. Attention: You must replace the blade hanging signs prohibiting work when power off. It is better if there is someone guarding the power, in order to avoid accidents. 

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